Ian Gilbert Joins BHW Crew, Helps Get VT Music Onto the Radio

Ian Gilbert Photo by Lily Chau.

"Hello Big Heavy World my name is Ian Gilbert. I am 18 years old. I found about this place  from Justice Gaudette. I am interested in giving back to the artist community since they have helped me over the years. I picked the job of getting local music prepped to be played on the Radiator because I love that kind of stuff. Also, I realize it is one of the most needed jobs here. Thus with Justice I can do it. My favorite types of music are punk, deathcore and jent which if you look at them they’re all really strong music types that have strong messages and strong views on them. So now you know a little about me and I can’t wait to meet all the DJ’s here - they all seem like awesome people to listen to on the radio so I can’t wait to put voices to mouths."