“Big Heavy World gives power, gives leadership, builds trust, and builds confidence with young people who many in our society do not know how to talk to. Jim has a gift and has turned a vision of youth leadership into an organization.”

— Paul Costello, Executive Director, Vermont Council on Rural Development, February 2011

Joint Resolution
Joint Resolution

“Big Heavy World promotes Burlington’s music throughout the region and beyond, gives younger Burlington residents a healthy place to pursue their music and organizational talents, and brings together scores of community volunteers in order to ensure that Burlington’s musical heritage will be passed on to future generations.”

— City of Burlington, March 2010

Burlington City Council Resolution
Burlington City Council Resolution

“Before my time with the organization I had little understanding of what it meant to be involved in my community and in projects that positively affect such a broad spectrum of people. A crucial part of Big Heavy World’s mission statement is “to develop community among Vermont musicians and their patrons; and to accomplish this mission in a substance-free environment that empowers and educates youth.”

— BHW Volunteer, June 2009

“My experience at Big Heavy World was undoubtedly positive. I saw a community of music lovers in the Burlington area grow through the events and performances made possible by the organization. I witnessed groups of high school students feel just as important as the adults involved. The Big Heavy World office became a second home to many volunteers.”

— Mary Cate Connors, Intern, June 2009

Burlington's Music Embassy
Burlington's Music Embassy

“I work for Linking Learning to Life coordinating a high school internship program called TIPS. As an employee of Linking Learning to Life, I am constantly searching for businesses, organizations, and people who understand the importance of community-based learning and recognize value that young people can bring to a business. When I think of Jim and the mission of Big Heavy World, the words ‘inclusive, community-based and experiential education’ come to mind. In my mind, their work exemplifies the goals of twenty-first century education.”

— Dayna Collette, Student Internship Coordinator, Linking Learning to Life, April 2009


“Vermont’s history is perpetuated in many ways, and the music of years past gives us a pleasant insight into the way of life that a history book might overlook. Your objectives in preserving and promoting Vermont-made music has certainly been accomplished, and we are all benefitting from the dedication and hard work that you, your staff, and your many volunteers have put into this most worthy project.”

— James H. Douglas, Governor, April 2006

“Meathead Films is an East Coast ski movie production company based in Burlington, VT. We used Big Heavy World this past year to help us discover local musicians. In all we are probably using about 30 different songs in our movies as a result of the availability of the Big Heavy music library and the bands we found there. It’s safe to say that without the aid of Big Heavy World and the help of Jim Lockridge, we would not have been able to stay on budget, and the release of our films surely would have been delayed. Thanks to Big Heavy World, two freshly graduated college students now have a shot at starting their own small business in Vermont.”
 — Geoff McDonald and Christopher James, Meathead Films, November 2004
Van's A Rockin'
Van's A Rockin'
“In these times of ever increasing demands on the limited budgets of our shared government and community resources, and the critical importance of youth to the quality of our future, it gives me great comfort to know there are organizations like Big Heavy World and individuals like Jim Lockridge who work selflessly to assist youth in realizing the promise of that future.”  
— Bernard Sanders, Member of Congress, September 2004

“Big Heavy World has energized and focused the teenagers of Burlington in creative projects that further opportunities for regional musicians. The value these young people bring to Burlington and to Vermont through their participation at Big Heavy World is meaningful, and Burlington can claim a special pride to be home to such an engine of social and cultural engagement.”

— Phil Fiermonte, Burlington City Councilor, September 2004

“My internship at Big Heavy World has been a wonderful experience. When I first went up the stairs to Big Heavy, I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect. But once I stepped through the door, I instantly found it was a relaxed and friendly place to be. I encourage any high-schooler with a passion for music to come on down to BHW, because it is a fun place to learn a lot about how the independent music industry works.”
— Pat Floyd, June 2004
“The City of Burlington’s reputation as one of America’s most livable and culturally vibrant cities has been enhanced by the efforts of Big Heavy World.”
— Peter Clavelle, Mayor, City of Burlington
“As Artistic Director of First Night Burlington, I have worked directly with Jim Lockridge and Big Heavy World for four years creating and sustaining an all-ages festival, created by and for youth, as an important component of our annual substance-free New Year’s Eve celebration of the arts in Burlington, Vermont. We have come to rely on Jim and the Big Heavy crew to direct the conceptualization and production of the youth festival, and they have succeeded in reaching out to thousands of young people in Northern Vermont.”
— Jimmy Swift, Artistic Director, First Night Burlington Inc.
“Big Heavy World has been a crucial and valuable resource for the local music community in many ways since they first formed. I became involved with them over five years ago, starting out on a limited basis using their website as a means of a learning about local music and as a place to purchase CDs of all styles of local music. With the site offering so much valuable information regarding the local scenes in Vermont, I found myself on the site every day, mingling on the message board with all kinds of local bands and musicians.
My band, 5 Minutes Hate, has been playing shows all around New England over the past two years and we’ve encountered many different music scenes. I can honestly say that none of them operate in the same fashion or get nearly the level of support that Big Heavy does from its local community. Big Heavy World is like no other, having high school and college interns, local musicians and music fans, all volunteering their time. Community support for this entity is like no other.”
— James A. Hadeka Jr., Guitarist, 5 Minutes Hate
“I’m entering my final year as a student of social work at the University of Vermont. I have acquired skill and knowledge from my work at Big Heavy in a unique, warm, and welcoming environment that will be helpful to me in my professional life. I have worked with many amazing young people at Big Heavy World and cannot express strongly enough how much I feel they have learned during their time there.”
— Alyssa C. Todd