Persian Claws, Black Rabbit And Torpedo Rodeo At The Monkey House June 28, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great night of music at the Monkey House last night. I met up with Nathan Curtis around nine, and took the short drive. We got in and settled, and Persian Claws took the stage. It took me a few songs to get into them. Their songs seem more straight forward rock, but have quite a few changes going on. It’s fun to try and find the groove, and keep rocking. The band is very talented and the songs are fun. Dee’s voice was strained a bit, but she persevered like a champ. She’s such a fun, bouncy front woman.

Next up, Black Rabbit delighted the fairly full Monkey House with loud fast fun songs. Most of the songs just built in intensity, until Marc Scarano ripped into a massive lead, and rocked the place hard. Their set was fun as always. They brought Dee up for a song in the middle of the set and had Max Krauss join in on guitar for a song at the end. Well, it would have been the end, but the audience wanted another. They obliged with a couple of minutes of furious rock, and that was that.

Next up, Max and Torpedo Rodeo played some funky and fun rock and roll. All of the songs had a nice complexity, but were easy enough to get lots of people dancing, for most of the set. After they wrapped up, they were asked to play another, and did.

I got to hang out and chat with some cool people, saw a lot of great music and gave the body a good shake. What a great night. Thanks everyone!

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