“The walls of Big Heavy World’s Burlington headquarters are a dizzying collage of concert posters and irreverent objets d’art reflecting the sensibilities of the young volunteers who work there. But behind throbbing woofers and rock-and-roll decor is serious work. Big Heavy World has taken on the big job of preserving, archiving and promoting all of Vermont’s rich contemporary music, including folk and jazz as well as rock.”

— Vermont Life Magazine

The Mission of Big Heavy World

Big Heavy World is established to preserve the historical record of music originating in Vermont; to create economic opportunity for Vermont's musicians and the industries vital to them; to develop community among Vermont musicians and their patrons; and to accomplish this mission in a substance-free environment that empowers and educates youth.

The History of 'Big Heavy'

Housemates James Lockridge (a graphic designer) and George Webb (an engineer), living in a haunted mansion with Vermont alt-rockers Chin Ho!, created bigheavyworld.com at the beginning of the Internet Age. See an overview of our work on our 'About Big Heavy World' page (it's comprehensive, but not long), and stay tuned as we try to coordinate the story of the last 18 years and post it here. In the meantime, here's some random artifacts that might help with a better understanding of where we came from.

A Radio Interview with the Founder

Big Heavy World Executive Director interviewed on Mary Collins' 'Roots Are Showing' radio show.


The Song that Started It

Big Heavy World was named after this song while it was being played during a Chin Ho! basement band practice in 1996: