For Vermont Bands

First things, first…

Join the VT Alliance of Musicians & Presenters (AMP VT), our way of telling you what we’re working on and your way of telling us what we should be working on as a music office and VT music cheerleader. It’s the bridge between you as a hard working artist and us as volunteer-run machinery making the world easier for musicians in Vermont. Your voice counts, and your membership helps us step up to the big kid conversations that make a difference in statewide policy and resources for music. Sign up here, buy or pour another Vermont musician a cup of coffee to make membership official, and help us make the VT music family a little bigger.

We’re just getting started…

Add yourself to the All-Vermont Band guide — it’s for soloists, bands, anarchic temporal supergroups, or any variation of players in any genre, as long as you’re making original music and are doing it while living in Vermont.

Use the #VTMUSIC hashtag. Make it a habit. Watch the magic happen across the interwebs. If you wonder what in heck a hashtag is, read this.

Add your shows to our all-Vermont live music calendar. With thanks to the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing we channel your info into a statewide calendar system that makes it easy for locals and visitors to find shows, and the restaurants and sites all around them. It’s pretty nifty, and the events show up everywhere.

Send us the link to your ‘official’ song videos. We like to show the public (and anyone who visits our home page) how balling Vermont-made music is and official videos get that job done. If you have a very well-produced live video, we’d love to know about it, too. Use our contact page. (It's ok to say "balling." Welcome to the future. )

If you got this far…

If you’re an AMP VT member, in the band guide, and post your shows in the calendar, then you just leveled-up:

HEAVY1 License Plate

HEAVY1 License Plate

Borrow the Big Heavy World tour van. It’s a loaner — no cost to you — because getting this far means you deserve to have it a little easier when it’s time to shine your awesome musical glow on another part of the state or country. The details are here (take photos, send a blog post, play a benefit show sometime…), and the program is made possible thanks to, UVM, and Good News Garage, who you can blow a kiss to when it’s time to tour. UPDATE MARCH, 2018: Our current van is being sold and we'll be working on fundraising to get a much newer van soon. Stay tuned!

The Make Mentions

The Make Mentions

Be our guest on Rocket Shop, Big Heavy World’s local music radio show, every Wednesday, 8-9pm on 105.9FM The Radiator. Let us know if you’ve got a big event, an album release, or news that has to be heard, and jump into the show. It’s broadcast, streamed and podcast; we take your photo for the web site, and frequently our volunteer writer does an interview for the blog as well. Use the contact form to get in touch.

As an AMP VT member you’ll have the option to be involved in our efforts to draft a community and economic development strategy for Vermont’s music community, a collaboration with Champlain College. We’ll send info as the time for artist input approaches.

Get your radio-safe music to 105.9FM The Radiator. On our humble community radio station we play Vermont-made music in-between volunteer DJs. Email radio-safe MP3s to and make sure all your band and song info is in the info tag where iTunes can find them. It’s ok to get us a whole album — package it up as a zip file for everybody’s convenience and use a service like DropBox to share it with us. The best thing ever is to mail or drop off an actual CD. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 428, Burlington, VT 05402-0428 and our office is at 404 Pine Street in Burlington, between Arts Riot and Speeder & Earl's, inside the SEABA Center.  Here’s a tutorial for making songs with curse words radio-safe with basic editing.  And here’s a guide to making a zip file.

The banner photo on this page is of Myra Flynn and friends, and the photo above is of The Make Mentions. The bands were our guest on Rocket Shop, Big Heavy World's local music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator.