The High Breaks At Nectar’s June 8, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had to be at work early yesterday, and was dragging by the time I got out at 4. I looked at the show listings and saw that the High Breaks were playing at Nectar’s at 7. I put on the black and wandered downtown. They were set up in the window, with the garage door open. It was the same four guys from Lendway, playing surf-rock in sharp suits and dark glasses. The music was tight, with dark tones, and fun changes.

Most of the set seemed to be originals, but they tossed in covers of Apache, Misirlou, and the Batman theme. They had a good audience for the show, both inside and out. People walking down the street, stopped for a while to listen. Those of us inside, bopped to the beat and watched the band, and the people behind them. It was an odd setup, but it worked. It was a fun show and close to 90 minutes long. I missed hearing Lendway songs, but loved the show for what it was. Shortly after the last note, I walked up a packed Church street, and headed for home.

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