Photographer/Designer Nicole Egan Joins BHW Crew


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly

Nicole joins the BHW crew: Hooray, another roommate! LOOK AT MY POWERFUL INFLUENCE. Just kidding. Anyway, Nicole comes from Champlain College class 2014 and is studying Graphic Design and is joining BHW in photography and graphics. Into photography and weird food, one could call her an artsy goober. Alongside that, she is quite the active girl; she enjoys longboarding, skateboarding, skiing, ripsticking, and snowboarding. Holy crap, be more talented. Musically inclined, Nicole dabbles in the guitar here and there. Some music that makes Nicole swoon includes: Tiger's Jaw, Moving Mountains, Beach Fossils, Led Zeppelin, and John Fahey. She lives off pickle chips, can drive a standard, and she took five years of French. Woo hoo, welcome Nicole!

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