DJ Yellow Crocs Joins Radiator


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

Keeping it old school with the preference for anonymity, Yellow Crocs keeps his true identity on the DL. I have to say, there is something refreshing in the mystery behind the microphone.

Burlington-raised, Yellow Crocs still enjoys life here in Vermont, enough to want to stay and bear the cold. Revealing bits and pieces of himself, Yellow Crocs conveys his own personal interests, while still maintaining that distance from true identity. He tells me, “I seek to have a better knowledge of myself and to be able to express myself better to others. I like art, engineering, cooking, and other types of expression.” The leap from engineering to cooking is awesome in and of itself.

Introduced to Big Heavy and the Radiator through his friend Ohanga, who was interning at the time, Yellow Crocs was instantly drawn to the idea of the DJ lifestyle. And what’s not appealing? The universality that music holds, the mystery behind the voice, and the dedicated fans that stay tuned to listen, it is a no brainer. However, it is a different experience for everyone, as Yellow Crocs shows me, “I think that DJing is creating a journey for the listener to experience. I like it when unexpected things happen for both the listener and myself.”

It was this revelation that would lead Yellow Crocs to create his own show on the Radiator. Thus, The Rawthentic was born. Playing genres infused with Jazz, Funk and Soul, the raw and authentic title doesn’t seem to go that far. Yellow Crocs is drawn to what the artists and listeners have in their appreciation for the music itself. As he tells me, “I love music that you can hear someone's originality through. I love beautiful music made by beautiful people."