Dev Jana of Dragonfly Physics on 'Rocket Shop' 4/6/11

21 Words by Julie Jay Seger, Photos by Sarah Gottschalk.

Representing his band Dragonfly Physics, former Radiator DJ Dev Jana stopped by 'Rocket Shop' local music radio hour with Kelsey Hanrahan on 105.9 FM The Radiator. Dragon Fly Physics releases their debut full-length album, 'You Are The Target,' April 11th.

A collaborative disc, 'You Are The Target'  features Dev on vocals and guitar and musicians from across the country. Dev, John McCartan and Joe Chapman comprise the core Dragonfly Physics members. As the live representation of Dragonfly Physics, the trio celebrated their album release with a performance April 7th at Parmia with a live video cast to all the album contributors from around the country. Proceeds from the event and album will go toward Red Cross relief for earthquake victims in Japan.

'You Are The Target' was an "interstate affair," Dev explains. "I'd work on things, then send them out. So it was really a team project with so many incredible musicians involved. I wanted it to be a complete album, with inspiration from 90s rock, modern funk and alternative music. It really turned out as the album I wanted to make. "

Rocket Shop' listeners were lucky to sample these tracks from 'You Are The Target':

1) No Reasoning

2) Broken Bottles (live performance by Dev Jana)

3) Coin

For more information on Dragonfly Physics hit up their website or facebook page. Thanks for coming by, Dev, be sure and come back soon to 'Rocket Shop' on 105.9 FM The Radiator.