Marillion April 8,9,10 2011 At Olympia In Montreal

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just may have to hop into a car and go to Montreal and see Marillion tonight. And see them tomorrow. And see them Sunday. Woo hoo, three days in Montreal and lots of music!!!

Note from Tim – I never did a writeup about this weekend. Friday night was pretty good, even though songs like Dry Land and No One Can were in the setlist. Saturday they did an A-Z night with the first song starting with an A, the second a B, and onwards to Z. It seemed to force them to play some so-so songs, and by sticking to the naming scheme, didn’t manage the flow of the show as well as they could have. They played one of my favorites, Jigsaw, but completely butchered it. In the end, it’s my least favorite of all the Marillion shows I’ve seen.

Night three they came out and played for a while, then did a thing where they would name two songs, let the audience vote, and then played the winning song. Sometimes they offered a really good song vs an iffy song, and the good song won. Sometimes they offered two iffy songs and one was chosen. After a while when they offered two great songs, the audience started changing both. By then, they had lost control of the show. A lot of great music was played that night, but it wasn’t a great show.

Pete Trewavas and Robin Boult had a nice acoustic opening set on Friday. John Wesley followed with a rocking full band set. Rich, Vicki, Kim and I arrived late on Saturday and missed Jason Hart’s opening

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