Crucial Times On The Road

Bruce respects the camera man in Savannah, Georgia. Crucial Times knows the Big Heavy World van well: Two tours so far and one coming up this summer. Super awesome to see them on the road!

In August, 2010: 8/1: Syracuse, NY 8/2: Cleveland, OH 8/3: Elgin, IL 8/4: Cedar Falls, IA 8/5: St. Louis, MO 8/6: Louisville, KY 8/7: Huntington, WV 8/8: York, PA 8/9: Framingham, MA 8/10: Portland, ME

In February, 2011: 2/11: Middletown, RI 2/12: Richmond, VA 2/13: Washington, D.C. 2/14: Greenville, NC 2/15: Savannah, GA 2/16: Jacksonville, FL 2/17: Birmingham, AL 2/18: Nashville, TN 2/19: Columbus, OH 2/10: Burlington, VT

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