Mason Ghol's Radio Hour

13 Words By Justin Landau, Photo By Sam Donnelly

Mason Gohl, new to The Radiator and Burlington, hails from Walcott Vermont, and is loving his new town. He attended the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently quit his job as a waiter, and joined the growing Radiator programmer family. During the summer, some of Mason's hobbies include mountain biking and swimming in Lake Champlain. Along with these hobbies, Mason also participates in three chorus groups; University of Vermont's 'The Sharpnote Singers', 'Social Buds' and the 'Renewal Chorus'.

Some of his music interests include Bach and Mozart. 'Mason Ghol's Radio Hour' focuses primarily on "playing polyphonic vocal music, contemporary  and classical music, along with some country and folk as well." Mason says, "I would love to have listener participation, having listeners call in and offer song requests." Tune in on Thursdays from 3 to 4pm.