BHW Welcomes New DJs Cooper and Eric

2 Words by Julie Seger. Photo by Justin Landau.

Friends Cooper (above right) and Eric (left) will soon take over The Radiator airwaves with their yet to be titled radio show. Introduced by mutual friends, Eric and Cooper have come together to introduce people to the music they haven't heard in an experimental, progressive show that Eric maintains is part of their "pioneer ethic." The duo's distinct tastes will combine to create an exciting combination of music that's got the "it" factor. Cooper and Eric encourage hearty listener participation as a part of their show, and hope that audiences will call in to join their conversation. And while the show will primarily focus on music, (their own, friends', and what they're into) it will also offer literature, recipes, and other cultural snippets they feel are worth sharing. Above all, the goal is for the show to be interactive.

Eric and Cooper's musical tastes differ, and hope that this tension will add to the interest of the show. Cooper hails from Ipswich,  Massachusetts, and enjoys work from avante-garde American artists like John Zorn and R. Stevie Moore. For him, it is important that music continues beyond "what stays the same." Eric comes from New Jersey, though feels most at home in Vermont. When identifying music he enjoys, the passion exuded by the artist is what draws him in, with a wide range of genres including blues, folk and country. "If it has passion, I'll be into it."

Be sure to tune in and participate with what will certainly be an interesting show filled with the tastes, ideas and musings of Eric and Cooper. Their show will soon be live on WOMM-LP, 105.9FM The Radiator!