Pink Fury Appears On 'Rocket Shop'

pinkfurtyupdate Pictures and Words by Justin Landau

This past Wednesday Pink Fury visited the Big Heavy studio and appeared on 'Rocket Shop' in anticipation of their upcoming show at the Monkey House on November 6th. The show, which will consist of Pink Fury and four other artists, is a fundraiser for The Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. This camp takes place across the country, and helps girls ages 8 through 18 learn to play musical instruments. Pink Fury's ultimate goal is to establish a Girls Rock Camp right here in Vermont to help spread their passion for music and encourage more young girls to become musicians. More information about Rock Camp for Girls can be found at

Pink Fury consists of Emma, the violinist and vocalist, Christine, the guitarist and vocalist, and Jane as the drummer. The band formed in August through an ad on craigslist. Christina said "All of us have always wanted to be in all girl band. It's a lot of fun, empowering and exciting, and is the identity of the band." They draw influences from early 90s Hole and Early 90s Smashing Pumpkins, among others. Because of the inclusion of a violin, the band "has a really unique sound for a punk group." They are current;y working on a demo, and their first show will be at the Monkey House on November 6th.

All three of the girls began playing music at an early age. Emma, whose parents are both musicians, began playing the violin at Nine years old. In addition to playing in Pink Fury, Emma teaches violin both after school and gives private lessons. She teaches folk and improvisational violin to her students. On her experience playing in Pink Fury "It's the first time I've played Punk, and it's awesome, the best. I've never had this much fun before!" Christine began playing the Saxophone at the age of Ten, though she had started writing songs at the age of Six. After starting to learn Guitar at age 15 "I immediately wanted to start a band." Jane, who hails from the U.K., began writing songs at just 18 months, and "was always hitting things." She learned piano at age four, and drums at age eleven. After high school, she decided to either become a veterinarian or a percussionist. Recently she has given up her day job to focus entirely on playing music, and is also an avid collector of drum sets from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Pink Fury's ultimate goal is to record an album, develop a solid fan base, and tour, but most of all aim to influence young women to become musicians. When asked what makes them unique, they said: "Our instrumentation. Nowadays it is not that rare anymore to see an all girls band. Our combination of instruments, despite playing Punk, is very different. The violin almost sounds like a strange guitar."

Check out Pink Fury November 6th at the Monkey House. Along with being for a great cause, there will be great music, raffle items, a bake sale, and other entertainment. Be sure not to miss it.