Rocket Shop Playlist 11/10/2010: Radio Underground

Rocket Shop's host Kelsey Hanrahan kicked back with Radio Underground this week. Members Arty (lead guitar, vocals), Mark (keyboards), Chris (bass) and missing member Andrew (drums) played us the recording from their show at Higher Ground, July 31st, 2010. Their upcoming gig this weekend at the Monkey House will be their first since the Higher Ground adventure. They took time off to gather the group and create new music, so if you see them this weekend then you'll be hearing brand new stuff! These guys were great to talk to, full of energy and really excited on how things are coming together.
These tracks were played off of their Higher Ground recording on July 31st, 2010:
  1. Radio Underground, "Brand New Day"
  2. Radio Underground, "Blue Water"
  3. Radio Underground, "Lost in Space"
  4. Radio Underground, "The Cross"