Big Heavy World Welcomes Dev Jana

1 Picture and words by Justin Landau

Big Heavy World would like to bring to listeners attention Dev Jana's new show on The Radiator, every Wednesday night starting at 9:00 pm. Dev Has recently moved to Vermont, and is currently a Sonic Arts Professor at Champlain College. Previous to Vermont, Dev has lived in Phoenix, Minneapolis and South Florida. One of Dev's passions is video games, and he has previously worked on titles like Stargate.

Along with being a professor, Dev is also a musician, and currently has 12 releases of his own. On his show, Dev plans to play less exposed singer-songwriter music, along with American music and underground music. One aim of the show is to try and bring other music scenes to Burlington to establish themselves. Dev's personal musical taste spans all genres, with the only notable dislike being country. Be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 9:00 pm to discover some new music with Dev.