Unrestrained: Hardcore In Burlington

unrestrained2 By Andrew Kuzmin

Vermont. It conjures up images of rolling hills, clear blue skies, ice cream, hippies, bluegrass and jam bands. But what about a small venue packed wall-to-wall with sweaty, politically charged, moshing hardcore punk fans? Probably not, but Ryan Krushenick and his band Unrestrained are trying to change that.

Formed three years ago, Unrestrained are beginning to make a name for themselves not only in the Burlington hardcore scene, but also all over the country as well as Canada and Europe.

This past weekend, July 4 and 5, Krushenick and Unrestrained hosted “Screaming for Change,” a two-day punk and hardcore festival in Bristol, Vt. at the Hub on Airport Drive.

The event included over 25 bands, and will cost $25 for a two-day pass, and $15 for one night.

"You can't find a better price for that many bands than that," Krushnick said.

After the festival, Unrestrained have a long summer of touring a head, all of which they book themselves, Krushenick said.

The hardcore band from Vermont will be touring the country, as well as making stops in Canada, Alaska and Mexico, as well as a Central American tour in September followed by a European tour in November.