Rocket Shop 7/8/2009: Burlington International Waterfront Festival / 'Thrufters & Throughstones'

Rocket Shop was hosted by Jim Lockridge while Kelsey Hanrahan traveled. The show played music from Burlington International Waterfront Festival artists and from 'Thrufters & Throughstones: The Music of Vermont's First 400 Years', a two-CD collection of music found in Vermont over the last 400 years... Counterpoint, "ecoutons done les aubades" Jesse Bowman Bruchac, "Greeting On Flute" Va-et-Vient, "A la claire fontaine" Hanford's Volunteers Fyfe & Drum Corps, "The Moon and the Seven Stars" Va-et-Vient, "l'entends le moulin" Bayley Hazen Singers, Village Harmony & Friends, "Amanda" Renewal Chorus, "Stratfield" Margaret MacArthur, "The Marlboro Medley" The Dawnland Singers, "Ki Ga Ka Ney/Skodac Song" Michael Arnowitt, "Scherzo: Allegro vivace" Coco and the Lonesome Road Band, "New England Song" Pine Island, "Like a Thief" The Wards, "Weapon Factory" The Dawnland Singers, "As Long As Earth Abides" Phish, "Twist, April 2, 1998 Uniondale, NY"