Newzrag #25

BIG HEAVY WORLD NEWZRAG #25 November 8, 2001The news of and the music of Burlington, Vermont



FIRST NIGHT WILL. ROCK. THIS. TOWN. Keep your eyes out for the First Night Burlington program guides hitting the streets November 25. There's a wee surprise inside... a local all-ages ROCKOUT at Memorial Auditorium like Burlington has NEVER SEEN. From the Main Stage to the Annex to 242 Main the place will be slamming with bands and DJs of all flavors. Grab the guide at shops all over downtown Burlington or at the BHW office at 215 College Street, third floor over Pure Pop. We'll slide more info your way in the next 'rag, and (as always) at

LAST CHERIE & YOLANDA SHOW TUESDAY 11/13 Some of the most fun we've had at BHW has been tossing unsuspecting local bands into the laps of Cherie & Yolanda during the live broadcasts of their Cherie & Yolanda Show on Adelphia Channel 15. They've spanked chainsaws.and.children. They've spanked The Bazookas. And it's with a tear in our eyes that we bid our flaming friends adieu as they wrap up a very long history of bringing candid, progressive, uncritical humor to our community. The last show airs live at 10pm November 13 on Channel 15, a two-hour marathon with special guests The BAZOOKAS, ANDREW SMITH, COLIN CLARY, JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR, and STEAM GENIE. Help wish them farewell - tune in and phone-in!

WWW.MUSIC2FIGHT.COM <-- GO THERE Read this rag. Then go to And put December 1 on your calendar for a giant all-ages show at Metronome to benefit a young cancer victim. Details at the Web site...

CONGRATS: NEW RELEASES Congrats to the proud new mama and papa bands and musicians in the Burlington neighborhood: new releases are on the street from Rachel Bissex, Ryan Barrett (The Salton Hare) and Dysfunkshun's latest is imminent as well. If you've got a fresh disc let us know at and be sure we carry it at, our all-Vermont music store.

AMAZON CUSTOMERS *LIKE* US (WE THINK...) News came our way this week that our 1997 compilation release "Pop Pie" is charting as's #22 Best Seller for Alternative/Indie-Rock compilations. Exactly what this means isn't really clear to us... because we're dumb? But hell, it smells like news...

UPCOMING 242 MAIN SHOWS 11/17: FIVE SECONDS EXPIRED, THE HARSH ABRASIVES, GNUTAR, NO GUARANTEE, & KOOPA TROOPAS (only 242 show this month), 7pm, $5. THE 242 MAIN/OVX (Our Voices XPosed) TOUR: DYSFUNKSHUN, THE BAZOOKAS, COMPANY FRONT, BLIND LUCK, RIVER CITY REBELS, 11/09, 17 Flat Street in Brattleboro VT. 7pm. On 11/06 Torsion replaces River City Rebels in Rutland, then 11/30 the tour hits St Johnsbury and the last show is 12/07 in Burlington at the Champlain School on Pine Street. All shows are FREE! For details call 242 Main at (802) 862-2244 and pick the "upcoming shows" message.

NEW ALL-AGES VENUE: "THE SPACE" Battery Street Jeans is opening up the funky former-studio upstairs of their building at 182 Battery Street to all-ages shows. The fourth is coming up 11/17: SHIPWRECK and 13TH CHAIR, (Free, 6pm. It's early so you can hit 242 afterward!). They call it "The Space" and bands and artists can contact Caroline at (802) 865-4554 to set up shows and showings. Next art opening is this Friday, November 9 with work by Corey Davidson. Call them for details, and help Battery Street Jeans help all of us expand our scene!

BLACK LIST MEETINGS CONTINUE... To anybody interested in banging ideas around about how to improve or support live music in Burlington, get your arse to a meeting of THE BLACK LIST. Inspired by Justin Wygmans (former co-owner of Club Toast) and named after the wine list at Red Square during the last (third) meeting, we're a random bunch of community activists looking for constructive ways to improve our scene. Doesn't matter if you join us as a spectator or as a conspiring agitator - your presence is welcome. Help us plot a course for making healthy improvements in our scene. Keep an eye out for meeting notes on the Big Heavy World discussion board at

WELCOME MANU, ARI AND SANDRA TO THE BHW CREW Manu Sachdeeva is *da man* for coordinating our online broadcasts in recent weeks. He sets up the scheduling, engineering, and permissions for us to bring local music live to the world on the 'net. Contact him at if your band is playing at 242 Main or the Radio Bean and you want us to broadcast the live audio through our Streamery at It's free, and our volunteer crew throws the switches. Check the Streamery page to see wassup, past and present. Ari Bolles takes time off from her studies and career as a rock star to hang with us at the Big Heavy bait shop too... she's been helping us get the new together and is about to take over the MP3 Showcase on the site. We say, "Hey Ari, go learn an entirely new and complicated audio editing program in the next ten minutes!" and she says, "OK!". Then again, almost everybody around here is smarter than the boss... Welcome also to Sandra McKernan who's taking the reigns of the office, slowly settling in to managing the joint. She's getting handy with the pink baseball bat and yes, we're all *very* afraid.

BHW THANKS... This time around our thanx get tossed to Greg Macedonia for his donation of two computers (a helpful shove in the right direction for our our broadcasting efforts). Make A Wish was kind enough to cover a big half-page of their newsletter with info about our release of Kyle "Fattie Bumballattie" Thompson's Hop 3 & Hop 4 CDs ($2 from each sale benefits Make A Wish Foundation of Vermont). Thanks to Jason Storer and Jeremy Ward ( for including us in their Serotonin all-night house party. Thanks to Steve Lemcke at the Burlington Free Press for his fantastic support of the 242.01 benefit disc and 242 Main in his Weekend section column this week, and to Seven Days for their review (we like the sound of "nasty"!). There aren't enough horn-playing music critics in this town. Right, Steve? :)

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