Newzrag #22

BIG HEAVY WORLD NEWZRAG #22 September 20, 2001The news of and the music of Burlington, Vermont

Big Heavy World sends our love to those families and friends facing the loss of the victims of September 11. The betterment of the world is our moral guidepost so this violence strikes to the center of our hearts. We hope to contribute to the healing and to the sustaining of efforts to make the world right again.



VERMONT BANDS: N.Y.C. FIREFIGHTER FAMILIES BENEFIT CD The Big Heavy crew came together to figure out how we could make a meaningful contribution as an organization in response to the events of September 11. All things considered, we figured the best use of the resources we have would be to produce a compilation CD to accomplish a couple goals at one time: fundraising to contribute to a foundation supporting the families of the firefighters lost in N.Y.C. and to communicate the importance of donating blood. Plan is to include every kind of local music that wants to be a part of it and to take pictures of every musician involved giving blood to print in the liner notes. We'll be collecting previously unreleased tracks that have some thematic relevance to the events and emotions of this time in our history. We'll need tracks by the end of October, and we'll need sponsorships to pay for pressing the disc. If you'd like to contribute music to the project or know of a business that would like to pitch in, please contact Jim at (802) 865-1140 or All proceeds from the CD will go to the foundation and we plan to release it near the New Year.

U.S. FLAG WEB ART ONLINE & NOTE @ BLOOD DONATIONS/TATTOOS We found Web flag art in the public domain at Also, heads-up that the Red Cross won't take a blood donation from you if you got a tattoo recently. When the BHW crew went, the Red Cross was indefinite about whether we couldn't have a fresh tattoo within the last six months or within the last year, but fresh ink prevented three of us from being able to give blood. VERMONT MUSICIANS: If you give blood or were denied because of a tattoo, please let us know. We'd love to publish a note of who's trying to contribute this way in our paparazzi pages. Send a pic of you in the recliner with the pint bag hosed to you and we'll post it there too.

BENEFIT BANDS RAWK US As our friends (and volunteer crew) know so well, Big Heavy World wouldn't exist without support from our community. We're volunteer-run, don't have a Sugar Daddy (whatever THAT is...), and have to go begging to make our projects happen. That's why it's such a big deal for us when bands play benefits to help us pay the bills and stick around. Here's a fresh thanx to the bands that have been so supportive in the last bunch of months: BHW INDIECON: Dysfunkshun, The Halogens, 5% Joe, Skasquatch, Suicide Spring, Candid Daydream, and Gnutar; HELLBENDER: chainsaws.and.children, Torsion, Prisoner 13, More Machine Than Man, Serenade to Nothing, Day of Reckoning, and S.T.M.P.; BHW BENEFIT BASH 2001: Five Seconds Expired, Wreckinghorn, S.T.M.P., The Magic Is Gone, Ninja Death Squad, Suffer The Masses, and Absolute Zero; FICTION PRODUCTIONS' SUMMER SKOOL: Torsion, S.T.M.P., Serenade to Nothing, Prisoner 13, Suffer the Masses, and Downslide; Leib & Atherton's 242 Ska-fest: Skasquatch, Blind Luck, Bazookas, and Wreckinghorn. THANK YOU ALL!

242 BENEFIT CD RELEASE OCTOBER 19 & 20 Yeah, baby. A year in the baking, Big Heavy World's 242 Main Benefit CD is coming out of the oven... First things first, we holler a thanks out to the sponsors that came through to make this beautiful thing real: Gravis (; Burton (; SoBe (; Hot Topic (; CEDO (; Small Dog Electronics (; Egan Media Productions (; 99.9 The Buzz (, and the graphical ass-kickers at Jager Di Paola Kemp who maintained 'tude for a record duration and smoked it through the checkered flag ( It's twenty-three tracks from bands that have played the 242 stage, nearly 80 minutes of it, so we figure you'll have to chew before before you swallow. All proceeds from CD sales take care of 242 Main, and the release party is a split-benefit for 242 Main and Big Heavy World. It's set for October 19 & 20 - two days - at 242 (in the basement of Memorial Auditorium). We'll have times and a lineup in the next rag (and at

NEW BHW WEBMASTER Y'all may as well bow with the rest of us in the general direction of volunteer crewguy Justin Gonyea, who will be amusing the crap out of me when he has to copy and paste this paragraph onto the Web site. He's taking over the captain's chair in the BHW office where he'll be tickling the Mac ivories (or whatever he does) to make the Big Heavy World Web site fat and (mostly) up to the minute. He's also piling the paparazzi on; if you've got pics of live shows in our area, or local bands playing far, far away, email them to and he'll post them for us. The weekly CD giveaways will keep up with us (I was SUCH a slacker...) and the Local Top 5 best-sellers at Pure Pop will be current from now on too. Imagine. Got a suggestion for the site, email it to the address above. We take insults well, but suggestions are kinda cool.

NEW ARRIVALS AT VERMONTMUSICSHOP.COM: Jenn Karson & Bad Ju Ju, Five Seconds Expired, Minimus, and James Kochalka Superstar all have discs recently added to the store inventory at They're among about 300 Vermont CD titles on consignment there, with a portion of each sale helping to support BHW. If you've got a CD out and it's not in the shop, please contact Dave Donegan at and he'll get details to you.

iHOP THURSDAY ON THE HORIZON / NEW HOP WEB SITE Fattie B. and friends bring urban DJ stylings to Metronome on the first Thursday of every month in celebration of Fattie's Hop 3 and Hop 4 compilation CDs. Party with Hop artists and check out the discs on Thursday, October 4. Metronome is on Main Street, Burlington VT, upstairs over Nectar's (at the spinning neon sign). If both your legs are broken you can check it out online at, our Hip Hop homeboyz. NEW HOP WEB SITE: All Hop, All the time - Designer Dennis Healy has been building an incredible site where Kyle "Fattie Bumballattie" Thompson's heroic Hop CD compilation series (number FIVE is now in progress) has a home.

HELLBENDER CONCERT ARCHIVES AT DIGITAL CLUB NETWORK Archives from BHW's 2001 HELLBENDER at Higher Ground are now up at Digital Club Network ( Burlington fans from around the world, Hellbenders that want to relive this rock-from-the-crypt bash, and local lamers that didn't go to the real thing can now hear and SEE sets from S.T.M.P., Day of Reckoning, More Machine Than Man, Serenade to Nothing, Prisoner 13, Torsion, and chainsaws.and.children at

BHW THANX BURLINGTON FREE PRESS FOR SPECIAL ATTENTION We've got to toss up thanx to the Burlington Free Press for blowing us away with their coverage of BHW's IndieCon last month. They put us on the cover of the Weekend section, did a great story on the event and the community panelists involved (interviewing them and being very fair to the subject), and generally lending the whole project and its issues unexpected wonderful and thorough exposure. Features Editor Bill Anderson and reporter Tom Huntington, THANK YOU for your interest and generous coverage! (

UPCOMING BHW WEBCASTS The BHW Streamery is building steam. Upcoming LIVE CONCERT BROADCASTS from downtown Burlington: Prisoner 13 & Face the Reflection this Friday from 242 Main. Check the full (expanding) schedule with band links and detailed info at If you're a Vermont band interested in being broadcast on a Friday or Saturday from downtown, contact Manu Sachdeva at (802) 865-1141 or email The BHW volunteer crew engineers the live streams and there's no charge to you or to whoever tunes in. We also support (and hope you'll check out) our friends ( who deliver urban audio from Burlington; Digital Club Network who bring you exclusive netcasts out of Higher Ground in Winooski (; and ( delivering Boston's scene and a bunch of our local transplants and Beantown giggers.

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