The Larkspurs — 22 May 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


The Larkspurs joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at

On Wednesday, May 23rd, The Larkspurs joined Rocket Shop for an evening of americana. The Larkspurs have D Davis and Django Soulo on guitar and vocals, Liz Beatty on vocals and Seamus Hannan on percussion. Although only just coming together this past February, the group plays with the confidence of a years-old band. What started as a group of friends coming together for Wednesday Wine-Nights and Thursdays at Skinny Pancake has grown into a laundry list of shows and an upcoming album!

According to Liz, the name, The Larkspurs, began at the laundromat. While struggling to come up with a satisfying name, an old woman approached Liz like a fairy godmother, offering her some advice: take a slip of paper, write your question on it, slip it under your pillow at night, and your answer will come to you in your dreams. Liz tried this. It didn’t work. Eventually the group just came together and googled the meaning of particular flowers until they found one they liked. If you are wondering, the larkspur represents a pure heart, a sweet disposition, and a desire for laughter.

If you want an introduction to The Larkspurs’ sound, look no further than their cover of "House of the Rising Sun." Liz’ bellowing country drawl, D’s and Django’s twanging guitars, and Seamus’ cajon box drum give the piece The Larkspurs’ signature. The group uses covers as a part of its repertoire, including Mac Demarco’s “No Other Heart,” as performed live for listeners of Rocket Shop (side note: D recommends using for all of your song licensing needs). The Larkspurs do write their own music as well, including “Wish Upon a Bar.” You can expect to find a similar sound in Django Soulo’s upcoming album to be released on June 1. The Larkspurs and other artists feature on the album, including D’s mom! On top of coming with a vinyl sleeve, the CD will also be released with an actual B side (if you are not familiar with the band, they have a hankering for the classics). There will also be a vinyl version, pressed right here in Burlington! Follow them on facebook for regular updates, upcoming shows, and more release date information.

See them live June 1 at Plainfield Opera House

Text by Luke Vidic

Photo by James Lockridge.