Zeus Springsteen — 24 April 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


Zeus Springsteen joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at facebook.com/zeusspringsteenband

On Wednesday, April 24th, Zeus Springsteen joined us on Rocket Shop for a night of rock n’ roll. The band consists of Josh on bass, Chris on guitar, and David on drums. All three of the band members are multi-generational Burlington musicians that have been in several different local bands throughout the years. In fact, all three members have played 242 Main back in the day one way or another. They “hand picked” each other after hearing one another play live throughout the years. They could just tell that they would play well together.

In the early stages of Zeus Springsteen, their sound was more alternative, since that’s the type of music they grew up listening to.  However, as they have started coming out of their musical comfort zone, their sound has gotten darker, heavier and “weirder.” Josh stated that “the world has gotten weirder and we followed suit” and Chris jokingly mentioned, “I can promise that anything I wrote for this [upcoming] record is depressing as hell.” While the lyrics are on the darker side, the sonic aspect is much more upbeat and even a little pop-y.  With that being said, Zeus Springsteen does not fall into one specific genre. Josh described their sound like trying to describe the color blue…you can do it to an extent, but you can’t give a definitive description.

If you haven’t already checked their EP “Zeus Springsteen” give it a listen! Believe it or not, it was recorded in David’s living room by putting foam up on the walls and getting natural reverb from David’s empty hallways. When they originally sat down to record, they thought that they would get “a rough single or two” out of it, but it ended up being “one of those days” where they were on their A games, so they busted out the whole album. David and his father are in the process of building a local recording studio, where they plan to record their next album.

To hear more of Zeus Springsteen check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zeusspringsteenband/, Spotify, Bandcamp https://zeusspringsteen.bandcamp.com/releases, and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zeus_springsteen/…or just Google Zeus Springsteen… “our name is weird enough that if you Google it,  you’ll find us” – Josh

Upcoming Shows:

Waking Windows Friday May 3rd @ 10 pm in Last Stop

Portland House of Music June 22nd

Text by Marisa Iannitto

Photo by James Lockridge.