Hamjob! — 17 April 2019 on Rocket Shop Radio Hour


Hamjob! joined host Tom Proctor on ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s weekly local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at facebook.com/hamjobs

On Wednesday, April 17th Hamjob! (feat. Keke) really brought the party into Big Heavy World headquarters. If the neon and animal prints didn’t give it away, the word “party” tattooed onto Alex’s face was a sure sign that these guys like to have fun. They’re chock-full of laughs and crazy stories. In fact, when they were asked to share any funny/crazy band stories, they let out a howl of laughter and asked, “How much time you got?!”

The band was formed in Rutland by bassist/vocalist Zach and drummer Alex in 2012. At that point, the band was strictly death metal. Then Connor came in to the mix as the band’s guitar player, and brought with him a history of jazz and contemporary music. Connor stated, “we all have such diverse backgrounds thrown into a Hamjob! batter, making a big ole Hamjob! cake.” It may seem gross, but it sounds great!

Hamjob! does not define itself with one genre of music. Alex explained, “if it sounds good, we play it.” The bands’ influences span all the way from 90s reggae rock to heavy metal, but their main base is hard rock. Out of curiosity, one day Alex wants to record concert-goers after their show and ask them what genre of music they think they just listened to, because “we don’t know either” he admitted.  Lately, the band has been experimenting with rap, and they had Keke, a rapper, featured in their song “Red Tailed Hawk” during their radio performance. They have plans to collaborate with Keke and other musicians in the future. Zach mentioned that being a three-piece band makes it easier to collaborate with other musicians “without getting too crazy.”

Seeing Hamjob! live is a very entertaining experience, especially if you like to let loose and party. The band has somewhat of a 'cult-like' following, and audience members have even rung out Alex’s post-show T-shirt and drank his sweat. If this sounds appetizing to you, check out their upcoming live shows!

Hamjob! upcoming shows:

No Taste Pizzeria, Middlebury, VT: April 20th

Radio Bean: April 27th

Nectar’s: May 11th

Text by Marisa Iannitto

Photo by James Lockridge.