J Bengoy at the Ramble Round Up

This year’s Ramble Round Up, located at the corner of Drew and North Street, brings another wave of partying to the Old North End’s Ramble. From 6 to 10 PM, seven different musical acts will put on a show amidst a convoy of food trucks and a well-stocked beer garden. 

The first artist in our spotlight series is the band J Bengoy. This Burlington based band has been rocking out the 802 area for a few years now, and have developed a hefty reputation as one of the big bands in town. The band specializes in a synth-pop-rock popular with many, and will share their sound with the day’s ramblers. The band’s lineup consists of Justin Barton, Charlie Hill, Alexis Hughes, Ryan Jory, Patrick Freeman, and Greg Heelan. J Bengoy has been synthesizing a new body of work for the past year, and plans on performing a few new songs at the Round Up.

You can catch J Bengoy later this autumn at the Grand Point North festival, and the Otis Mountain Get Down in the Adirondacks, along with a few other TBA shows around the northeast.

Text by Luke Vidic.

Photo courtesy of J Bengoy.