Snapshot Of Hana Zara At Radio Bean March 22, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

We prayed for the living and we prayed for the dead, and we prayed to the gods of The North.

You know when you release your new CD and they put three rows of chairs in Radio Bean, almost turning it into a theater, and it’s packed to the back of the bar, and people are listening, and people bought out the first stack of CD’s and there were two or three left from the second stack, and you played a song in Spanish and the audience listened perfectly, and you played some old enchanting songs and you played some new enchanting songs and the audience was quietly appreciative, except for in between songs when we Whistled and yelled and clapped, and everyone in the room felt like it was a wonderful show? That’s how Hana Zara releases an album in this town.

It just felt like she loved us madly and she treated us right, and we loved her madly and we treated her right. And Taylor Smith was great at the beginning and end too!

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