The Tsunamibots 25 Feb 2015 on Rocket Shop

Words by Jess Slayton. Photo by Morgan Laurie-Day.

Last Wednesday, Tom and Chris sat down with Big Heavy World’s Brent on behalf of the Tsunamibots on our local music radio show Rocket Shop on 105.9 The Radiator! The duo hails from Mad River Valley and serve as the creators-turned-slaves of the robots. The final creator, Ben, was unable to join us as he was busy recharging the robots—as any good slave would be expected to do! You may be wondering, “how did this happen…” and trust me, so were we! Tom and Chris told us that back in January 2013, the trio decided to start tinkering around with robotics and managed to create three of their very own, Tomadore64, The Main Frame, and The Master Circuit. After being exposed to things like “The Endless Summer” and the surf Pandora radio station, the robots became aware. They realized that the word “robot” comes from the Latin word for “slave” and quickly decided that that was not the life for them. Since then, they’ve realized that their only true passions are rocking out, surfing, and crushing humans.

The Tsunamibots don’t really care if you like them or hate them, because they’re robots and have no feelings. They do, however, have distinct personalities. Tomadore64, the guitarist, is your typical lead man. His main goals include searching for fem-bots and for the perfect wave. The Main Frame, the bassist, is a little bit more reluctant and thinks of rocking and finding enjoyment from it as a bit more of a task to do. Finally, the Master Circuit, the drummer, is totally wild but definitely knows how to keep a solid beat. They do enjoy playing shows and have released one single and one EP thus far. The EP—Rise of the Robots—chronicles their story and their rise to awareness. The single—Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age—really just talks about rocking and surfing as a robot, which is appropriate given how important these things are to the three of them. Their main influences are Devo and Man or Astroman?, both of which are readily apparent in their style. In all of their music, however, there are many subliminal messages aimed at fellow robots, appliances, and machines urging others to rise up, follow in their footsteps, and crush as many humans as possible.   Come check them out on March 9th and join the rebellion. You will probably only be crushed if you stand in the front. For more info visit