Phil Yates At Radio Bean March 1, 2015

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music that Sunday night.  I felt bad that I had missed the Affiliates twice and Phil solo once and really wanted to make it to the show.  I worked until 6:30, got home just before 7, grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out the door a bit after 7:30.  I was happily settled into Radio Bean when Phil started his set at 8.  He played his acoustic guitar and sang some fun quirky songs to the mostly empty room.  The few people that were there were nicely attentive and the applause at the end of each song was heartfelt.  He played a mix of songs from his Oh So Sour album, such as Three Cheers, Might As Well Settle, and Burn Burn Burn, and his soon to be released album No Need To Beg.  New songs like Burn It Down Bernadette, Grass Is Always Greener and Little French Earthquakes were just great.  He tossed in an older song called Ninja’s VS Zombies, and closed the night with a cover of The Violent Femmes Kiss Off.

It was one of those shows where the hard part was getting the effort to walk out the door.  Once Phil starts playing all effort to get there is heavily rewarded.

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