Hardcore Punk Show at 242 Main

Words by Sophie Ward and Eva Weber. photos by sophie ward.

On January 17th there was a substance free, all ages punk show at 242 Main. Big Heavy World was there showing support and snapping photos of the bands in action!

The show began with a screening of Straight of out Rutland, a short film about the heroin epidemic in Vermont's town of Rutland featuring Nick Grandchamp of Get a Grip and his girlfriend Sarah Schreiber. Nick and Sarah have taken initiative to bringing the life back into Rutland, combatting the problem with a "straightedge" lifestyle and community outreach.

First in the lineup was Jumanji X's Riot Squad from Woodstock, Vermont, self-described as raw, gritty, heavy-hitting hardcore punk rock. With Mikey on drums, Trick Nicky on guitar, and Ethan with vocals, this ensemble presented a visceral performance featuring their "heartbreak hits about nonconformity, politics, and an unsettling satirical look on pop culture," which was met with supportive cheers from the crowd.

Jumanji X's Riot Squad

Next up was Get a Grip, the Vermont hardcore/punk band from Rutland.  With their straightedge edge, fronted by Evan with vocals and with Nick and Steve on guitar, Dave on bass, and Brit on drums, this group pumped a powerful message of positivity into the room with their motivational words and hard-hitting set. They will be traveling to SXSW in Austin in March and will play at Big Heavy World's Vermont SXSW showcase. Check it out here and get tickets or support.


Gator King played next, a five-piece hardcore group who were founded in 2010.  The guys, including Josh and Bob on guitar, Steven on bass, Sam on guitar, and Stephan on vocals, came all the way from central Massachusetts to bring enthusiasm to the crowd at 242.


Last up at 242 was Violent Sons, the self-described "anti-wave/hardcore" group. They traveled from Providence, Rhode Island to deliver their aggressively engaging set, gathering the crowd near the stage. Sean, Evan, Michael, and Daniel began by acknowledging the backbone of the punk music movement, the passionate youth.  They also took a humble moment to praise Get a Grip's positive messages and talk more on the sensitive subject of hard drug use, with wrenching anecdotes from the vocalist's past, a daring and deep supplement to a manic and enjoyable performance.


Check out the rest of the photos, and find out what else is going on at 242 Main in Burlington.