Film Screening + Live Show At 242 Main

Words and Images by Morgan Laurie-Day

It was a cold Saturday night in January. People moved through the streets quickly to stay warm and to push through the wind coming off  Lake Champlain. The side door at 242 Main is propped open just enough not to close as band members and volunteers stream in out with gear for tonights show. I'm helping Big Heavy's interns set up our welcome table while a projector and screen are being set up in front of the stage. Small groups of people talk excitedly around the room about the film, about the bands. It's a refreshing surge of energy mid-winter.

The night begins with Straight Out Of Rutland which chronicles the lives of Get A Grip's Nick Grandchamp and his girlfriend Sarah Schreiber. The film highlights Rutland's drug problems and what it's like to push back in a community that you care about.

Rutland's own Nick Grandchamp and Sarah Schrieber

The night went on with performances from Jumanji X's Riot Squad. A punk rock quartet from Woodstock, Vermont. Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Jumanji X's Riot Squad

Next up was Get A Grip. Rutland's hardcore band that is getting ready to journey down to Austin, Texas this March to play at South By Southwest SXSW.  Check them out at Main Street Landing on February 18. Tickets here!


Gator King graced the stage next. These brought us the sweet sounds of hardcore all the way from Southbridge, MA. Listen to their riffs here.


Violent Sons hailing from Providence, Rhode Island closed out the night. Hardcore punk warmed the air in a little city by a lake way up North. Shows like this get me through the winter. A big Thanks to 242 Main and all the bands and volunteers. Check out more pictures in the gallery.