Gorgon And Glamazons At The Monkey House July 14, 2014

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing music, and more, at The Monkey House tonight. I’ve loved Doll Fight for a while and since their disbanding, I’ve been aching to see Gorgon, who rose from the ashes. I got out of work at 8 and they were set to go on at 8:30, so the game was on. It was a long day at work of taking orders and solving problems. When given the chance to bring the call center numbers into balance, I was singing The Church Band song that went, I Had A feeling I had Failed. I took a few more orders and solved a few more problems, then, when the hours were over, took the walk to Winooski.

I got in, got a drink and soon enough, Gorgon hit the stage. The music was glorious punk, with enough changes to be riveting. The vocal was intensely screamed and the whole stage exuded power. A few songs in, singer/bass player Kelly Riel said the pollen in the air made it tough to sing that way, but she sang it all that way, anyway. They played 30 minutes, or so, and were wonderful for every note. I had a hard time keeping up for several of the songs, which only makes me want to see them more and more.

After their set, I found a seat in the window and listened to the street, and the cooling night air, but after a bit, it was time for Glamazons. Their show was a mix of tap dancing, burlesque, and freak show. Reggie was the hostess and captivated the reasonably large audience with a quick wit and intense stunts. She did a thing with a Tesla coil, with Eerie, who touched the coil and lit up a light bulb. Kristin joined in, holding Eyrie’s hand, and lit up a florescent bulb, not unlike the one Peter Gabriel used to use with Genesis. Kristin did a couple of very cool tap dances, really, with the second one to ’20’s music, dressed in flapper style. She had one of the cool moves of the evening, dancing up to an audience member, grabbing their hand, slowly moving it to her ass, then twirling and slapping the audience member. Eyrie had a couple of sensuous strips, and the second one had a stuffed Cthulhu, a Ouija board, and went to the tune, Spooky. Reggie walked and laid on glass, laid on barb wire, and had some serious fireplay going on. Gene Simmons, eat your hear out. The show was tense, at times, really, walking up a step stool of sword blades, and was always magnificent. It was a spectacle of performers performing their hearts out. It was dangerous, fun, risky and risque. It completely knocked me out of my work life, and lit up my mind. And, that was just after the first Gorgon song. What a night!!

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.