Rocket Shop 7/9/2014: Dave Keller

Words by Kiera Magnetti. Photo by James Lockridge.

I last spoke to Dave Keller after his performance at this year’s Discover Jazz Festival. We discussed his history playing blues, Kickstarter campaigning, and the success of his most recent album, Soul Changes, which was nominated for a Blues Music Award.

Keller continues to enjoy the success of Soul Changes, which even earned a mention in USA Today as one of “10 intriguing tracks found in the week’s listening.” He has a hefty list of New England shows lined up for the next several months. “I’ve started to add harmonies to my songs when playing with my band. Usually I prefer it to be just me on vocals, but I think this adds some new dynamics to our songs.” Keller also likes to find new ways to relate to his audience. “I have a fifty-foot cord for my guitar so I can wander out into the audience, and break down the barrier between myself and the crowd. Usually during shows it’s ‘us and them,’ but I like to relate to the audience more.”

“I also been writing new songs,” says Keller. “They’re more positive songs than the ones on my last record, which is good.”

When Keller isn’t playing shows or writing his own music, he is teaching guitar lessons. “I support myself with my music,” he says. For a list of show times, dates and locations, visit, and to listen to some of Dave Keller’s music you can visit Also like Dave Keller Band on Facebook for more updates.

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