Interview: The New 802

Words by Jackson Balling. Photo by Cara Paganelli.

This year’s Summer Solstice brought us twenty-four hours of gorgeous weather and a night of diverse local music at 242 Main, ranging from alternative rock to aggressive hardcore punk. Before the doors opened at 7 there were groups of people outside the doors, prepared for the first show booked and promoted by Tiny Sea Promotions that featured The New 802, The id, Mr. Doubtfire, and As We Were.

I found The New 802 sitting on the stage inside right before the doors opened, following their impressive sound check. The band, comprised of four juniors from Essex High School, don’t play out often, but made it clear in their attitude and performance that they have a deep chemistry and back catalog of songs. Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Brian Storck described the band as being around since the members were in third grade, around 2007 or so. From there they’ve have various member changes, the most recent being drummer Nick Bearman, which made the music more serious and the band stronger.

Their performance consisted of powerful vocals from Charlotte Ouellette, who blew away anyone in the audience who had never seen them before, myself included. Their sound combined wonderfully with a great rhythm section between Bearman and bassist Logan Harris. Despite their age they left a lasting impression with how they carry themselves, including being able to work with friends Grace and Jake, flutist and trumpeter, respectively, in order to perform a remarkable cover of Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks”. Such an added connection with fellow musicians might bode well in their future plans, which include self-recording a release of sorts, whether it’s an EP or full-length record, and playing every show they can. Their youthful experience gives a glimpse into their futures, both as a band and individually, and they are definitely a group of musicians to keep an eye on.