Interview: Joshua Glass

Words by Kiera Magnetti.

The Glass Project formed during a performance at last year’s Jazz Festival, and is so named because the commonality between the surnames of band members Joshua Glass and Gregory Douglass. “We thought it was going to be a one-time thing,” says Joshua Glass, “but we were asked to come back.” Glass describes The Glass Project as his and Douglass’ “take on jazz.” Throughout their two-to-three hour sets, the duo plays an assortment of original material and covers. “We’ll reimagine pop songs as jazz, or in a jazzy setting,” says Glass.

Glass, who has been playing music since his childhood, was inspired to get into the live music scene after attending jazz fest in 2009. “It was great,” he says, “there were fans, players and critics and they all just set aside the time to really listen to one another.” On his website, Glass advertises that he played over one-hundred live shows in 2013. Having booked six sets at this year’s festival, it would appear as though he is aiming to break that record. “Maybe,” he laughs, “I would prefer quality over quantity, you know, to feel like performing is not only a job, but also a way for me to thrive.”

Glass is in the process of recording his debut album, Sidetracked, Baby. “I don’t want to set a release date and then rush to get it finished. I’m going to let it happen,” he says. The single of the album, titled “New York, My Lovely” is available for free download.

Meanwhile, Glass will continue to appear in live shows throughout Vermont whether that be solo or as The Glass Project. You can find out more about Joshua Glass and Gregory Douglass at and