Radio Bean Birthday Party Part 1, November 2, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from seeing music at Radio BeanDino Bravo VT kicked off the birthday party will a killer heavy rock set. They played a song about the Radio. They played Empire. The let Josh Shedaker sing a song, then they played a song about the ocean. New drummer Jeff LaBossiere fit in well, and pounded the drums through the fun changes. Chris Farnsworth did some nice guitar shredding during ocean. Matthew Stephen Perry was in great form as singer/guitarist, which is impressive, since they started around 8:20am. Their set left me happy, with my ears only ringing a bit.

Rik Palieri and Rebecca (I missed her last name) followed with some acoustic blues. They played Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down, Lead Belly’s Good Morning Blues, St James something Blues, and Pete Seeger’s Going Down The Road Feeling Bad. He played some nice banjo and sang most of it. She played some sweet acoustic guitar and sounded great singing St James.

The band that followed, I think, was called The Le Duo. With three electric guitars, bass, drums and keys, they had a mellow sound with a slow burning intensity. They played one long instrumental that had a great flow to it. I really enjoyed it.

Phil Yates and Affiliate played some quirky acoustic pop, on acoustic guitars. They played Waiting For Good Morning, The Gift Of Love, Ninja’s Vs Zombies and closed with a song that got some of us singing Burn Burn Burn, Burn Burn Burn. Their set was really fun.

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