Vedora At Red Square September 19, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a good time seeing Vedora tonight at Red Square. They went on just after seven, and played mostly new songs, for an hour. They played a couple of semi new songs like All in the Room and Sober. They played a couple of classics like Maria, In The Pines, Terrarium, and Basalt Anchor. Most of the set was newer material.

The songs are concise pop songs with enough air to let Matthew Hastings‘ guitar come out and play. The new songs were all solid and the band found a few nice grooves and locked in. Caroline O’Connor played a cool, almost solo, on bass in one of the new songs. Drummer Charlie Smyrk played a three drum and three cymbal (four if you count the high hat as two) kit and kept the pace fast and steady.

The songs seem to move a bit differently in the new line up, and I have not quite found the groove. It’s probably too much memory of seeing them almost every week last year.

It was a warm wonderful night. It was great to be able to walk downtown, see Vedora, go do the radio show, and walk home. I’m so lucky to have so many great musicians all around me.

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