Hana Zara, Old Soul, Trapper Keeper, Blue Button And Rough Francis At Radio Bean September 15, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a fun night at Radio Bean last night. Hana Zara was joined by Taylor (?) on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and played another great show last night. The songs were a bit more formal when played together, and they are a little bit looser when she plays them solo. Either way, she sounded great and the songs kept me thoroughly engaged for every moment. Her lyrics are so well crafted, that the songs are a journey where you can see every nuance of the landscape. Songs like The North, and Symmetry were enchanting. I got to hear a couple of songs I had not heard before, and lit showed the depth of wonderful songs in her catalog. Up next were a 6-piece from Maine called Old Soul. The guitar/singer, bass, drums, percussion, horn player, and keys/guitar/clarinet band played some Detroit soul, some Americana soul, and stuff like that. Their songs were well constructed, sounded pretty nice, and just made me feel happy. While they did not blow me away, I did enjoy them more that I thought I might. Up next, lots of people filled the Bean, and punk night began. Trapper Keeper were blisteringly fast, and nothing but fun. They are a guitar/vocals, bass, drum three-piece who have nice melodies, if you can catch up with them. They played 6 or 7 songs, but they are so short, the show was over before I realized it. I was just starting to work the kinks out of my neck when they started tearing down. Blue Button came on next as a 4-piece, missing James Belizia on guitar. Jason Cooley set up a guitar to play, but never actually got around to playing it. They also had a short set, so they stuck with the fastest of the fast ones. We’re Closed, Vestibule, and Fucking Burning Bridges rocked furiously and filled my heart with joy. Rough Francis followed with a seven song set. The energy level was as high, or higher than for the Buttons. Bobby Hackney pointed to the two most volatile members of the audience, before the third song, gave them a hint, and the rest of the show was a mosh pit. It got a bit rough, but was fun and rocking. They closed with a killer, though slightly shortened Come To Space, and that was that. It was a fun night of music, and it’s a good thing that I’m starting a bit late today.

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