Radio Show 16 Thursday June 13, 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from Internet Radio show 16 on WBKM.ORG.  Such a lovely plan, I had set.

Song before: The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin



From our small city – why is there no action on the voice level meter?  Oh no, I’m not broadcasting my voice.  Play song, play song!!!!

1.) When the Chips are Down – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

Check to see if voice is working.  Nope

2.) Wait for Me – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

Try other microphone to see if that works – nope

3.) Why We Build the Wall – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

4.) Our Lady of the Underground – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

Try mic, not happening, stack up songs and call Tony

5.) Giant Mosquitoes – Cold Sweat

6.) Holding on to Broken Glass – Jalapeno Brothers

7.) Sexy Flowers – Peg Tassey and Proud Of It

Spoke with Tony – turned off mic in system and turned back on.

Actually say: Here’s Peg Tassey but next song keeps triggering.  I let it go

8.) Dandelion Wine – The Cush

9.) Golden Goose – Cave Bees

Get myself together and say: That was the Cave Bees, they are back and playing with the band doing Doolittle by the Pixies, Parmaga, and Black Rabbit Saturday Night at Nectar’s.  Before that was the next song on New Appreciation For Sunshine.  Last week’s was slow and drifty, then this one is a straight up rocker.  Speaking of flowers, before that was sexy flowers by Peg.  Before that was a band how have been playing eastern NY a lot lately called Cold Sweat.  With all the rain lately, there are lots of mosquitoes about.  Before that was a chunk of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice as told by a Vermont artist.  Up next, happy birthday Sasha Alcott

10.) Eclipse – When Particles Collide

11.) Kindergarten – Lendway

12.) Something I drew – Farm

When you blow up your show and have lots of time, it’s nice to have a band like Farm that you can just toss in a song, and it will be great.  Before that was Lendway.  I saw their new alter-ego The High Breaks at Nectar’s last week.  The opening of that song, sounded a bit like the breaks.  Happy birthday again Sasha.  Time to close the night with the end section of Hadestown

13.) Lover’s Desire – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

14.) His Kiss, the Riot – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

15.) Doubt Comes In – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

16.) I Raise My Cup to Him – Anais Mitchel (Hadestown)

Let’s do it again next week, shall we?



Song After: The Other Side of Me – Fish

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