Hackathon: New BHW Web Site Under Construction!

Big Heavy World Van at Maglianero The National Day of Civic Hacking hackathon at Maglianero brought two groups of volunteer coders together to work on rebuilding or prototyping parts of the new Big Heavy World web site. The two-day hackathon left us with a happy buzz from all the work that got done. See codeforbtv.org for more about the hackathon, or to join the new Code for America Brigade, Code for BTV, co-founded by Found Line and Big Heavy World.

JDK's Sanctuary Gallery

The volunteer forum programming crew.

Thanks to Alan Peabody & Peter Brown of Agilion Apps, Aaron Lipman, and Brian Dewey we're only days away from launching the new BHW bulletin board - an entirely new public forum built with modern technology and super-secure.

Maglianero's door.

The volunteer live music directory coding crew.

A prototype of the new BHW Live Music Venue directory was pulled together by Becky Grenier, Ben Glassman, William Keys, and Nick Edwards. Smokin' interactivity is on its way - the Code for BTV brigade will be pushing it over the finish line starting at the next meeting, June 22, 1pm at CCTV in the Old North End. RSVP to join in at codeforbtv.org.