Ivan Voinov, New BHW Audio Engineer

Ivan Voinov Photo by Lily Chau.

"Hey, my name is Ivan Voinov, I'm a soon-to-be-student at Peabody Conservatory, graduating this year (June 2013). I'm extremely passionate about music, seeing as how music actually, physically saved my life in the past, and has been always there as a support and guide to pull me out of the darker times in my life, I wish to be able to help out the local music scene as much as I can in the last months of my life in Vermont. I've built a small, computer-run recording studio at my house where I've taken several clients. I run a virtual Logic Pro set-up where I specialize in amp simulation and sound design versus physical recording of things (which is an area that I really wish to get better at).

I'm with Big Heavy World because I see how much the organization does, and has done for the local music scene and I have so much respect for this organization, and I wish to be of as much aid as I can during the time that I work with the wonderful people at Big Heavy World."

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