Torpedo Rodeo, When Particles Collide, Black Rabbit At The Monkey House April 13, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I checked in with Nathan, who was going to the show, but he had a few people to meet up with first. I donned the black and took the walk to the Monkey House. I got in and settled, and soon after Black Rabbit hit the stage. They played a killer set of short, fast, loud rock songs. Having seen them a few times, I have a sense of where the songs are going, but they still kept me guessing a bit. Halfway through the set, there was a song I recognized. It was a fantastic cover of Chinese Rock by the Ramones. They came back with a bunch more of their songs, then wrapped it up with a Damned cover. It was a great set and they had me dancing the whole time.

When Particles Collide took the stage next. The Duo from Maine kept the music at a furious pace. Sasha played a killer guitar, and seemed to be hitting the upper sting to play the bass part as the rest of her hand played the guitar part. Their set was mostly pulled from their Pop Pop Bang Bang album. Moles really stood out, but really, everything was good.

Nathan had showed up at the end of the Rabbit set, so we chatted a bit in the breaks. Soon enough, Torpedo Rodeo took the stage and kept the rock going. A couple of their songs have a surf-rock feel, but most was just rock and roll. One song about Captain Beefhart was exceptional, but their whole set was nothing but fun.

I had to work the next day, and Nathan was off. He hung out for a bit and I took the long walk home. I was delightfully sated with music.

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