Songs And Stringstruments At Red Square And Sam DuPont, Phil Yates And The Affiliates, The Brew At Nectar’s April 10, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

Caught a bunch of music tonight. I started at Red Square seeing Joe Adler & Eric Segalstad play as Songs & Stringstruments. They played some pretty awesome music. Joe was on acoustic guitar and Eric switched between mandolin and electric guitar. They opened the part of the set that I saw, with Atlantic City, and a Radiohead cover. They played a couple of Joe songs, and then I headed out. If I’m the only one in the audience, did they notice me leave?

If I had known the timing, I would have hung out for a bit. As it was, I caught a few songs by Sam DuPont, and he was pretty solid. It was just him on acoustic guitar and singing. His voice was good, and his playing looked flashy and sounded simple. It was a pretty nice set

Next up Phil Yates and the Affiliates payed some complex pop that had me guessing where they would go next. Yum, make me work for it. There were a couple of songs that were good on the album, but much more fun live. It will be interesting to see them a few more times and find out if the songs start to grab me more. As it was, Could You Be the One and Pretty Girls had me happily rocking.

Up next was the Brew. They started with a simple dance groove, and I was not sure I was going to make it long. As the song weaved it’s way towards it’s conclusion it got really good. Rich Haskell appeared during the second song and they kept playing songs that really rocked. They closed with Going to California/No Quarter, and called it a night They were much better than I expected and I had a lot of fun.

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