Elephants of Scotland At Nectar’s February 11, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I was a little tired from a short night of sleep, but worked 11-7:30, so I did not have to be up too early. Before work, I popped in the Doll Fight! EP and had their songs going through my head all day. After work, I checked in with a couple of friends, but Rich’s 9pm MRI, and the rainy icy weather made it a tough night to go out. Undaunted, I strapped on the ice treads and walked securely to Nectar’s. I got settled in, and the Elephants of Scotland were set up and sound checking. I waited a bit, and it was not long until the ’80’s keyboard opening riff of Geograph began. Previously, when I had seen them, I was just trying to follow along with the music, and had not been able to get a full grasp of their sprawling songs. After to listening to their wonderful CD for a while, I was right there with them. For the first time, it felt like I knew what the songs were doing and would be able to fully experience them live. Full Power followed and it became obvious that they were playing the album straight through. I like the way it rocks through a few moods then settles into the title line. They followed by donning the viking hats and taking a drive through space and time with Starboard. That song just builds and rips and rocks and is a complete joy to be in the presence of.

Being Metal Monday, he mostly metal head crowd heartily cheered each song and seemed to be impressed. Some of the music was a bit slow for them, but for the most part, it was an attentive crowd. People seemed to really like the harder rocking parts and the various changes.

Making it obvious that they were not playing the album all the way through, they skipped the Seed and went straight to Home Away From Home. It rocked hard and the chorus was familiar and inviting. They followed with Errol McSquisitor, and I was in heaven. I jumped on board the slow beginning and just rode the song as each successive section rocked just a little bit more. By the time they ripped into the end section, I was ecstatic. They tore the song apart with a classic metal ending and got shouts of joy from the crowd. I thought that would be it, but Adam strapped on the mobile keyboard and they played a fun version of Subdivisions. That was great, and indeed wrapped up the show.

I wanted to check out the next band, so I hung around for a bit. I said a brief Hello to Matt Hagen, who was the DJ for the night. I did not realize that Dan interviewed him for the article, and he did not say a thing.  I was amused when he spun the opening section of Heart of the Sunrise shortly after the Elephants set.

I don’t remember the name of the next band, but they started with a nice heavy rock groove. When the cookie monster vocal kicked in, I headed for the door. The walk home was only slightly treacherous and the ice treads held me well. It was an effort to go out that night, but so worth it.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.