Vedora, Doll Fight! And Hilly Eye At the Monkey House February 10, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

With the article in 7 Days out, I guess I can tell this story the right way. I had met with Dan Bolles a couple of weeks earlier for an interview about the story on me. He said they would want to get some pictures, probably out at a show. On Thursday February 7th, or so, Diane Sullivan said she needed to get a picture done before Monday the 11th. Too bad, that took out the possibility of Elephants of Scotland being the band in the background, since they were playing Monday night at Nectar’s. I quickly scanned the listings and saw Hilly Eye at the Monkey House, described as an indie rock band. I listened to a song, and liked it a lot. I set the plan with Diane to get a picture at the show. Soon after, I looked around and noticed that Doll Fight! were also on the bill. Cool! I have been enjoying their raw furious punk rock a lot lately, so things were shaping up. Soon after that, Vedora were added to the bill, since they will be touring with Doll Fight! soon, I think.. What magical perfection that turned out to be.

Early Sunday evening I spoke with Matthew Thorsen, and we confirmed the plan. I headed out a bit after 8, and took the long slow walk to the Monkey House. It was a lovely evening, and I found a great stride. I wandered in, got settled, and waited. Matt showed up and we chatted for a few moments. After a bit he wandered to the front of the bar, by the windows, and began to set up the lighting for the picture.

In the meantime, Vedora got up to play. They opened with a slowly building Sober that culminated in a magnificent Matthew Hastings guitar freak out. His passion begged each string to yield more and more sonic joy, until he let it crash into the end. You just have to love that enthusiasm. The followed with a sweet and strong Basalt Anchor, the let loose the frenetic All in the Room. Terrarium had a rough start but soon that riff that reaches all around you and caresses every part of you, was in full force.

I was doing a good job of paying attention, but was a little distracted by what was to come. Maria was fun, but I knew picture time would be soon. After the killer, suddenly hard rocking ending, that we all know and love, they did the guitar and bass switch. I went over to see where Matthew Thorsen was at. He was ready. The doorman at the bar had graciously moved away from the door and out of the shot. Matt had me sit as Vedora wrapped up the set with a blistering Ritual and a hard rocking Solution.

Dozens of pictures later we moved to the back to take a few more. I was worried that he might not have the shot, but apparently that was just me being silly. He is such a professional! We took a few from the back looking towards the stage, but Doll Fight! had just started, so even though the crowd was sparse, you couldn’t see the band. Half way into the first song, I let him know I had to go, and skipped to the front to rock out to Morning Again. I’ve been listening to that EP a lot lately, and just love the hooks and power. They mixed it up with a few slower heavier songs, and several shorter and faster songs. It was nice to be in a place, free from responsibility, where all I had to do was listen. They were great and I’d go see them anytime!

Hilly Eye followed and was a guitar drum duo. Their songs had a nice indie rock drive and they rocked the small crowd hard. It felt like they were playing just as hard for us few, as they would if they were playing a stadium. I really loved the vocal harmonies and am always impressed by drummers who sing. During the last song, the guitar player was almost petting the strings, and evoked a lovely sound.

As soon as they wrapped up, I settled up and then headed for home. I had a long day of work, and a progressive rock band playing at Metal Mondays to see that night.

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