Rocket Shop 1/2/2013: DJ BP of the Lynguistic Civilians

DJ BP For the first edition of Rocket Shop in 2013, the Radiator hosted DJ BP of the Linguistic Civilians. This Burlington-based hip-hop/rap crew is determined and destined to “keep it real.” This group takes issue with mainstream radio and strives to bring the musical genre back to its roots.  You will never hear auto-tune on a Linguistic Civilians track. This is raw, poetic, “two turntables and a mic”-style rap.

There are five Civilians. The four emcees are LC, Walshie Steeze, Mike Fulton, and Monty Burns (who is also the producer). BP, the Civilian we had in studio, is the crew’s DJ. Together, they have been making music since 2009, doing shows in Burlington and Vermont as a whole. The Linguistic Civilians have generated a fan-base in the area and have received special recognition from Seven Days. Two years in a row, the newspaper titled the group “Best Hip-Hop Artists” and “Best Unsigned Vermont Artists.” Don’t miss out on this fresh local talent. ‘Like’ the Linguistic Civilians on Facebook, check out, and show your support at

Dj BP is one half of Burlington, VT based Hip Hop crew UnKommon as well as DJ for The Lynguistic Civilians. UnKommon is a local Hip Hop duo focused on making real music that stays original to who they are and the artists that made them fall in love with the music. DJ BP and Kin have known each other since 1989 but recently reunited to start making music together in 2010. Recording tracks at Kin's apartment the duo has been hard at work preparing for a big 2013.