Old Post Of Bands I Saw In 2008

Words by Tim Lewis.

2nd Agenda

Alan Holdsworth

Alex Winston

Alice Austin

April Wine

Arom Bedrosian

Aya Inoue


Back Door Slam

Band X

Ben MacIntyre

Big Boots Deville


Brad Byrd

Brett Hughes and Marie Claire

Burette Douglas

Cannon Fodder

Caroline O’Connor

Cave Bees


Che Guevara T-Shirt

Dan Coleman Band


Dirty Ole String Band

Drive the Hour

Eames Brothers

Electric Halo

Elton John

Empire State Troopers

Ensemble V

Eric Morelli

Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band



Gabrielle Douglas

Great ‘Mericans

Hezekiah Jones

Hot Neon Magic

Ian Thomas

In Memory of Pluto

Irish Sessions

James Kochalka Superstar

Jason Cooley

Jenny Monatna

John Baumann & Bob Gagnon

Joshua Panda

Judas Priest

Light’s Out

Louis Monroe

Lowell Thompson


Marie Claire

Mars Volta

Marse Smith

Missy Bly


Mr Shopping

Nathan Plasha

Neil Clary

New Sibereans

Nick Jaina

Nobby Reed

Nose Bleed Island

Nudas Veritas

Nude Dude


Party Star


Philosopher King

Player 2

Rob Riggle

Rue Mevlana

Ryan Power

Savanna O’Connor

Sean Altrui and Arom Bedrosian

Sean Altrui and Caroline O’Connor

Sean Altrui and Mark Knuffke

Seth Yacovone

Slingshot Dakota


St Solitude

Steel Toe Booty

Steph Clark


Sweet Ass Pussy

Swing Noire

Tad Davis

Ted Nugent

The Breaking In

The Cush

The Cush – acoustic

The Dig

The Dirty Blondes

the Fatal Flaws

The Jazz Guys

The Lee Boys

The Marsden Lot

The Pink Floyd Experience

The Smittens

the Wards



Tsu Shi Ma Me Re




Von Bondies

Zappa Plays Zappa

The Score for 2008

I was curious about how much music I have seen in 2008. As I have it all recorded in my blog, I went back and added each show into a spreadsheet then did some calculating.

Today is December 28 and I have no shows on my agenda between now and the beginning of next year. Assuming I do not see any more music here is the score for 2008.

During 2008 I saw 172 bands play. 108 of them were different bands though some included combinations of other artists I see a lot. The band I saw most last year was The Cush with 7 electric shows and 2 acoustic shows (and I’m counting solo Gabrielle and Burette shows separately). Next up was Marie Claire whom I saw 7 times plus once with Brett Hughes. I saw the Cave Bees 7 times and saw Farm 6. Fish, the wonderful singer from Scotland toured the US this year and I saw him 4 times (out of 6 purchased tickets, don’t ask) and I also saw Jenny Montana, Party Star, Swale and the Sean Altrui and Caroline O’Connor show 4 times each. I saw Caroline O’ConnorAlice Austin, Burette Douglas, Cannon Fodder, Gabrielle Douglas, Lowell Thompson and The Fatal Flaws 3 times as well. I saw Sean Altrui once each with Arom Bedrosian and Mark Knuffke bringing Sean to a total of 6 performances. I only saw the Dirty Blondes twice this year, but Everybody’s Favorite Drinking Songs Band is pretty close and I saw them twice as well so it’s almost a 4 for the Blondes.

Over the year I saw 72 different shows in 23 separate venues. I saw 34 bands at the Monkey House and 33 at Metronome. I saw 24 bands at Radio Bean with 13 of those coming on the Bean’s birthday party. I saw 12 bands at the ½ Lounge and 11 at Red Square. I saw 9 at the Acoustic Lounge at Parima. I saw 7 bands each at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge and Nectars just edging out the 6 bands I saw at the Higher Ground Ballroom. Festivals rocked this summer in Burlington and I saw 6 bands at the rocking Jazzfest night on Church st and 5 bands at the South End Art Hop. I only made it once to Montreal to see Voivod and Judas Priest at the Bell Centre and all of the other out of town shows were to see Fish.

I have to say I really do like all of the venues I saw shows in except for the Skinny Pancake. Asking Farm to turn the music down as it was too loud (and it wasn’t) turned my appetite away from them. I have heard about issues with the Acoustic lounge from a performer’s perspective, but aside from irregular service from the wait staff and their lack of Hornitos, I’ve always had a nice time there.

So there it is. If you have a will to go out and see music in Burlington there are plenty of opportunities. I know there were several shows that I meant to see and missed. There may have been a few I would have wanted to see and never knew about. I’m just saying the opportunity is there and the thing most lacking from the Burlington Vermont music scene is you! Come out, show up, and have a good time. It will only help the bands and the scene and encourage the next generation of bands to come out and do it.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.