Vedora And Kiki’s Lost Nation At Manhattan Pizza December 1, 2012 Plus One Song From Dino Bravo At Radio Bean

Words by Tim Lewis.

I went out to Manhattan Pizza tonight to see Vedora. They rocked it hard tonight! Kiki’s Lost Nation were really fun too. Nice groove, solid rock, hot singer and a subtle furiousity. Except for the drummer, there was nothing subtle about him. He was playing Madison Square Garden and didn’t seem to care that we thought we were in a pizza joint. I like them a lot and need to check them out again.

The set change was fairly quick, and Vedora unleashed the slow building one. Hmmm. A couple of drop outs on the guitar slowed down a couple of songs, but they kept at it, and song after song was enchanting. Promises kept the listener swooning. Basalt Anchor was especially intense tonight. Almost furious at times. In the Pines rocked to perfection and the lay down into Chain was masterful. They switched it up with Matthew Hastings on bass and Caroline O’Connor on guitar for a killer Solution. They kicked the night with the, at least, second new song of the night. It completely roared. I though I’d be all smart and remember the name, but soon after they finished, I was out the door. At the top of Church, I took a right and went by Radio Bean. I heard a song ending and looked in the Window. Dino Bravo did not look like they were done, so I walked in. They said they had one more song, and played a song about the Ocean. I love that one. It rocks so hard, and flows so well. After that I walked home and should be sleeping instead of typing. Soon will be the sleep and dreams of sweet rock and roll.

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