A Quick Look At Mildred Moody’s Full Moon Masquerade November 28 At Club Metronome

Words by Tim Lewis.

Just got home from the Mildred Moody Full Moon Masquerade at Metronome. Mildred Moody band were on when I walked in. They played a couple of sweet, moody Americana jam, or something like that, which sounds good when there’s a full moon, sort of songs. They brought up a violinist who added some sweet gentle electric leads. Up next was a heavily rearranged Nirvana song, that the guitar/singer, guitar, bass, drums, 3 backup singers, band, did a nice job with. After that, one of the backup singers, Samara Lark, took the lead vocal and channeled her inner Ozzy for a killer Electric Funeral. The crowd filled the place, and almost went crazy. Wow, what a start.

Up next, in the other room, Lee Anderson did a piece. I missed some of it, but it did have him holding a giant bone over his head, and laughing maniacally.

I spent a bit more time in the big room watching Swale get set up. They opened with a delicate version of Waiting, that got more and more intense as it went along. It was pretty rocking at the end, and they kept the mood upbeat with a smoking Everyone likes to fight. They slowed it down a bit with a Jeremy song (War is not the answer, we are all the same), with Amanda on guitar and Eric on bass. Jeremy, of course, sang and played drums. At this point it sounded like something was happening in the other room. Much of the audience went there, but some of us stayed for C’est La Vie. A few people came back for the dancy tune.. They followed with If you go back home then a shimmering version of Middlesex. They kept at it with Old School and lit the place with something like All I want to do is… They kept the energy up with Faineant, even with a broken string. They followed with a down cover that I should know, but can’t grasp. Next was a beautiful version of If You Get Lost, which most of the audience had. Amanda said there was one more, then looked out at the crowd, counted us, and said six more, one for each of you. At this point Eric was still playing Scott’s guitar (from Mildred Moody Band), which he had been, since the string break. It was just him on guitar and Jeremy on drums, when Amanda started to sing Purple Rain. Half way in, she sat at the keys, and let Eric Olsen rip out some killer leads. It was glorious! At the end Scott came to the stage and said his guitar had never sounded like that. You’ve gotta love rock and roll.

In the other room, a rapping puppet show gave way to a pair of dj’swho  played some obnoxious edm.  I hung out in the main room, waiting for Errands. I remembered liking them, but they did not grab me as much tonight. It’s like pop edm trance, played live with a keyboard/singer and drummer, but after a while, you just know where all the notes are going to be, and is just not as interesting. I hung out for most of their set and liked them, but was not enthralled, in the way that Swale and Mildred Moody had me. I settled up, stepped down the stairs, and cruised home. What a beautiful way to spend a full moon.

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.