The Beerworth Sisters and Aerolites on the TAz Michaels Show

The Beerworth Sisters Words by Mason Smith. Photos by James Lockridge.

The Beerworth Sisters and The Aerolites joined TAz and Shannon on the TAz Michaels Show tonight.

The Beerworth Sisters

On Tuesday, November 27th, the Radiator had the Beerworth Sisters on air. These two soft-spoken young women make music that is difficult to classify, even by them, but has elements of Folk, Rock, and Indy. Fresh off the release of their new album 'Simple Things,' the Beerworth Sisters are making local appearances at venues such as Nectar’s and their CD release party at the Marriott.

Julia and Anna both play guitar and trade on and off for lead vocals. This eliminates any air of singular leadership as the spotlight is shared equally. Ukulele is a new addition to some of the tracks and creates an inevitable Hawaiian feel while retaining their classic style. Soothing harmonica and violin are occasional features that really conjure up a relaxed and carefree feel. The Sisters have been playing together for over two years and have brought their similar musical backgrounds together in a successful and enjoyable fashion. Thanks to the influence of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nora Jones, and the like, Vermont has another great band to look out for.  Pick up 'Simple Things' on!

The Aerolites

Verde Media Group Inc. and The Aerolites

The Radiator had a unique combination of guests on Tuesday, November 27.  Verde Media Group Inc. and The Aerolites were in the studio.  One of Verde’s latest projects has been a ski film called 'Winter’s Wind.' In contrast to what Warren Miller has popularized in the ski world (“ski porn,” as it’s known by some), Matty “Moo” Herriger created a real story in this Indy film. In other words, instead of an hour of the craziest ski stunts the viewer has ever seen, 'Winter’s Wind' is a tale about travel and life through the vessel of skiing. The film runs about 1.5 hours and premiered at Merrill’s Roxy last Wednesday. Be sure to attend the Stowe Film Festival if you missed it.

High-quality cinematography and narrative aspects are not film’s only strengths.  It also happens to have a killer soundtrack. 'Winter’s Wind' features music from The Aerolites.  The relatable lyrics and technical fingerpicking accompany the movie’s storyline impeccably. The five-piece also has that head-bobbing groove that so many skiers crave.  ‘Like’ The Aerolites on Facebook and stay tuned for upcoming tour dates.