As We Were In Canada & Northeast with HEAVY1

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This tour was our first time on the road since we got back from Europe. We picked up the van around 12 and headed straight for the border. The show was at 8 but we expected to get hassled by the border patrol especially with HEAVY1. They asked us to pull to the side, and we expected the worst, but after about 15 minutes and some odd looks from the border crossing guards, we were on our way to Montreal.

We played a club called the Katacombes with The Hunters and some other bands, show went well, ate poutine, drank a bunch of Roy Rogers. Slept at a friend’s house and made pancakes in the morning, all and all not a bad experience in Montreal and we hope to be back soon.

The next day we headed down to Plattsburg to play at the Rota Gallery, we’ve played there twice before and we have some good friends in that are who came out and partied with us. It’s always cool to pay DIY spaces that are totally independent so they can make their own rules and are very good to bands like us. After the show we went to a house in the middle of nowhere and played a house party. Small living room that could comfortably fit ten people in it had about 30 and then had four bands all sleeping in it that night. The Hunters brought sleeping bags; we took the couches and got to sleep at about 3 in the morning.

We left Plattsburg at about 9 in the morning to make it to an early show in Boston at the Democracy Center, again a bunch of friends and a really great band called Fucking (F-ing) Invincible!

The weekend with HEAVY1 was a great re-introduction to the road and we’ll hopefully be tearing up the highways with it again very soon. Thanks to Jim and Big Heavy for their continued support of us and all underground Vermont Music.

As We Were

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