'Sound Scoop' Mixes It Up Saturdays on The Radiator

Brad Yandow and Mark Weber Words by Suzanne Friedman. Photo by Lily Chau.

'Sound Scoop' is hosted by Mark Weber and Brad Yandow, who appreciate all types of music. When I sat down with them, they proved themselves to be intellectual as they try to pick music that will attract all different types of people. “The show is a large variety of genres from jazz to rock, to heavy metal, we play it all,” says Brad.  Not only are the song selections great, but after each song is played, they describe exactly why they have selected to play it which makes the two hosts extremely personable and easy to listen to. Mark and Brad also stick together off the radio as they play in a band together named One Man Empire. 'Sound Scoop' can be heard on Saturdays from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.